Elefu's are elemental based creatures that are able to use magic under said element. They can be rather emotional which can affect how they use their magic. Elefu comes in two forms, A Humanoid Faun like form and a Creature called Fufu! They are emotionally driven creatures which often affects how they use their magic. They are born from the world of Azurilia, though it is unsure if that is truly where their origins began.

Azurilia is a planet imbued with magic which affects much of the planet from it’s growth to what disrupts it. The environments go from calm to extreme rather easily and some areas are only the way they are because of magic alone. You can find beautiful forests, thick and humid jungle, hot deserts, and ice cold tundras much like earth but it does not stop there. There are lands covered in large gems of various kinds, Deep caves that can hold cities with plant life that hangs from above making it appear as if things are upside down, homes built in volcanic lands with creatures that can even live and feed off the lava. Because of the environments that go to such an extreme it can make traveling difficult, though over time the races of this world have learned to adjust.

Elefu is a closed species made by @Jesi-Jess. You are not allowed to make one unless you are given permission or have obtained a myo slot!

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Elefu Species Information: https://elefuverse.com/world/species?name=Elefu 
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